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We basically need 4 pieces of information you can write-in online. Just tell us the colors of:

1. the barrel-head
2. the sleeve-neck,
3. any identification markings (stripes, numerals, etc.) and
4. the size and color mixture of the pom poms.

STANDARD sleeve length for the driver is 16" (not including poms) and progressively shorter for fairway woods. For CUSTOM orders, you can specify sleeve lengths and pom sizes to fit your bag at no extra charge. Regular poms are about 5" diameter. Large poms are about 8" diameter, but we recommend no more than two large poms per bag.

Multi-Color pom-poms can be expressed in approximate ratios, for example, 50/25/25 percent, or 75/25. You may order solid color poms as well.

Some customers have been so creative in their designs, that they found the easiest way to express their idea is to download, print, and mail-in their order with a detailed drawing!

Please feel free to contact us if you need any assistance in placing your order.

Here are some examples. Be creative.

Drivers: (Limit Three letters/numerals per driver cover)

"460cc, navy blue solid sleeve, gray numeral "1", solid white pom poms"

"400cc, red/black striped sleeve, white accent stripe, red/white/black (33/33/33) pom poms"

"410cc, white solid sleeve, green numeral "1", green/white (50/50) pom poms"

"280cc, black/white striped sleeve, red accent stripe, red/black/white (50/25/25) pom poms"

Fairway Woods: (Limit One letter/numeral per fairway cover)

"3-wood, navy blue solid sleeve, white arabic numeral, solid white pom poms"

"4-wood, red/black striped sleeve, four white accent stripes, red/white/black (25/50/25) pom poms"

"5-wood, white solid sleeve, green Roman numeral, green/white (75/25) pom poms"

(Specify "J-bend" style or "Tube" style; Head ID Markings on Tube style only, Sleeve stripes OK for both styles)

"J-bend, navy blue solid sleeve, single white half-inch stripe, solid white small pom poms"

"tube-style, red/black striped entire sleeve, red/white/black (33/33/33) small pom poms"

"J-bend, white solid sleeve, solid green large pom, three green ID stripes"

"tube-style, black/white striped sleeve, red "x", red/black/white (33/33/33) pom poms"

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